Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is to invite both parties to a free consultation and to answer any questions or express any concerns they might have with the process. Our goal is to help ease any uncertainty, instill confidence, but most importantly help both parties determine whether or not we are a good fit.

Once both parties agree to the treatment process, the courts will need to appoint Family Advocacy Center as the treatment provider. We will then work with your attorneys, guardian ad litem, the court, and other individual therapy providers to ensure the best care. 

Unfortunately, insurance companies will not cover court-ordered services.

However, we are currently taking payment using HSA/FSA cards or Care Credit 



At the beginning of treatment, more frequent appointments and treatment are needed. Two appointments per week per family is not uncommon. As the case progresses, this will reduce to possible every other week depending on the needs of the family. 

If all family members are cooperative and adhere to the treatment process then you can reasonably expect 12-16 weeks. Financial strain or disagreements, continuing litigation, resist and refuse dynamics will extend the treatment time.

As a courtesy to all our clients, we want to inform you about our clinic's closures for the following holidays:

- President's day
- Martin Luther King Day
- Good Friday and Easter Monday
- Friday before and Memorial Day
- July 4th
- Labor Day
- Thanksgiving and the day after
- Christmas Eve through New Year's Day

During these closures, our clinic will be closed to appointments and inquiries.

It's important for us to have all your questions and concerns addressed. We strive to conduct our consultations so that most of your concerns will be addressed in this initial consultation with your therapist. If there are any questions that you feel have not been answered here, please bring them up with your therapist so they can help you get the direction you need.