Shannon Elite, AMFT

AFCC Informed, Family Systems Therapist

If you have never been through a high conflict divorce it is pretty hard to describe those feelings to others. You feel a loss of parenthood, having to constantly defend your right to have time with kids and sometimes even estrangement and alienation from the other parent. This financial, emotional, mental, and physical challenge is a lonely and burdensome process. I went through it alone and you do not have to.

The Family Advocacy Center has been a dream of mine for a long time. Resources to guide you through traumatic times are nil to very few. I have a passion for what I do to strengthen the family as it changes. This type of work is very needed in Utah and around the country.   

I have a unique set of experiences in professional and personal settings that make me a good fit for your family. I have experience working for DCFS, juvenile court as a probation officer for youth, and decades of social work experience. I have experience from the individual up through the legislative process that gives me a vision of the future for families.

It is time to regain your dignity and sanity through this difficult time. You will be cared for and guided to professionals that have your family’s best interest. My mission is to give you a center with a personal touch that addresses all the needs you will have during and after divorce. 

From support groups, specialty groups like parenting and coparenting, to the professional therapeutic approach, all will put your mind at ease.   

I love what I do, it is truly my mission to serve the families of Utah in a variety of circumstances. I believe that when we surround children with support and love they will become well adjusted successful adults despite their parent’s divorce. I love coparenting therapy because often the problems with children are due to the conflict between the adults they both love. 

In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors and my grandchildren. Nature is the best healer and art is the best expression of feelings. My dog Peanut is often with me on an adventures in the outdoors. I invite you to meet with me for a 30-minute consultation to learn about the treatment approaches used to help your family.

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